Product Feature
  • Japan T1000 High Performance Carbon Fiber
  • Equipped with the Shimano 12 speed “Full Set” Brake system
  • The World’s First Carbon Fiber Composite technology adopts USA High-Tech Damping material “INNEGRA” into the frameset
  • Frame Set Approved by UCI for professional racing use
  • Used by the Champions from Europe, Australia, Asia, and more in professional races
  • Lifetime Warranty Frame Set

Frameset color:Galaxy Silver / Polar White/ Obsidian Black / Silver Mirage



Introducing the 2024 DURO EVO with new colours! A high-performance aero bike designed for competitive cruising.

Featuring the latest INNEGRA/LATEX shock absorption technology and a T1000 frame, it is the designated weapon for the GUSTO professional cycling team. Whether sprinting or cruising, it delivers optimal riding feedback for different race distances and road conditions, allowing you to focus on surpassing yourself.

Unleash the power and beauty of your own dynamic aesthetics:

ANP Aurora Nano Paint enhances brightness by 40% and extends the durability compared to other conventional coatings, while also increasing resistance to scratches and stains.

A blend of luxury in black and silver, embodying both agility and elegance.
Timeless classic color, a must-have for minimalism enthusiasts.
Assertive presence enhanced by different light effects, exuding both fierceness and composure.
Classic White, complemented by glacial silver accents, perfectly interpreting vintage fashion charm.

Worlds first innovative shock absorption technology, providing a subtle yet swift ride

Currently, the world’s lightest high-performance carbon fibre is the advanced material INNEGRA from the United States. The GUSTO R&D team has exclusively developed their carbon composite patent technology to incorporate INNEGRA’s high modulus materials, the absorption properties of LATEX, and the T1000 High Performance Carbon Fiber from Japan to create a remarkably rigid, stable, and compliant GUSTO frame.

Sleek Simplicity, Riding the Wind.

The fully integrated cable routing and a streamlined frame design, decreases drag and delivers exceptional aerodynamic performance enhancing the bikes abiltity to slice through the wind.

 Handcrafted with a carbon fiber

Approved by UCI for professional racing use

Lifetime Warranty Frame Set

Confident Control, Yours to Master

A sturdy and strong aerodynamic down-tube, paired with a wing-shaped front fork. The bike is efficient, strong and fast allowing it to perform in all conditions.

Elevated Rigidity, Focused on Self-Breakthroughs

With an enlarged bottombraket and rear chain stay design no pedal stroke is wasted. This design maximises efficiency and power transmission, while also remaining light and aerodynamic.

 Aerodynamic evolution

The Selle Italia Model X lightweight X-Tech short-nose saddle features a surface covered with Total Gel technology, ensuring better elasticity and comfort. With the thin and lightweight X-Tech technology, it incorporates an impressive shock absorption function (Flex Control Technology), dedicated to providing you with an outstanding riding experience

ATTAQUE carbon integrated handlebars, featuring calculated grip angles and a streamlined wing-shaped design combining aerodynamics and ergonomics. Adaptable to various riding positions, effectively reducing wind resistance, and providing perfect control.


UCI-certified wheelset designed for racing with a 50mm aerodynamic profile to minimize drag. Meticulously crafted surface accelerates air turbulence and significantly reducing drag.

Clincher – tubeless ready wheelset for optimal performance. Aerodynamic spokes enhance airflow efficiency, maximizing overall performance and optimizing pedal output.

 Incredible comfort of the cabin

Comfort in the cockpit is paramount: Bow-shaped shock absorption design effectively filters vibrations, ensuring stability and comfort in the cockpit, especially on rough gravel surfaces.”

Achieving a reliable riding experience.

Paired with Shimano disc brakes, the rider will be in absolute control on the most unpredictable roads and descents.

※The recommended height is for reference only, and the actual suitable size may vary based on individual body proportions. Before making a purchase, please consult with authorised GUSTO stores.